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Legal Concept

Whether you’re building a start-up which will change the world, you’re running an online store, you’re an artist, creative or a blogger, we’ll offer you services tailored for your needs.


We will protect your affairs and your brand, so that you can fully concentrate on your vision.
We will provide you with effective solutions to safeguard our business


Comprehensive sevices for online businesses: terms and conditions; privacy policies and contract templates for stores, apps and websites.


Choosing corporate form, advising in starting your business, investor relationships and preparing for dynamic growth


Services for film industry, advertising agencies and fashion businesses.

Data protection

RODO, safety procedures, employee training.

Intellectual Property

Copyright (copyrights transfer and licences), trademarks and industrial design

Current services for business

Legal counsel at every stage, costs optimization, legal opinions, negotiation training, available as a subscription


Our team

We created Legal Concept to use our knowledge
and experience to help customers develop new ideas
for business, services and products.
Our team will offer you services suited
to extraordinary needs.

Wojciech Rożdżeński

Managing Partner

Privacy law
Data protection


Legal Concept Sp. z o.o.

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REGON: 365603721

(+48) 501 529 265